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a letter to mitchell browne, ‘why should artists at work fund idlers at art?’

A thought provoking rebuttal…however…one man’s comments about taxation and society are even more interesting..

School For Birds

I’m so happy to bring you this letter. One of my favourite artistic collaborators, Dave Lamb, has written this beautiful, eloquent, generous and immensely clever response to Mitchell Browne’s Syndey Morning Herald article ‘WHY SHOULD ARTISTS AT WORK FUND IDLERS AT ART?’ Enjoy and, if you happen to know Mitchell, please pass this on. Dave wants to hang out. 


Hi Mitchell

My name is Dave, and I’m an artist. We’ve never met, although you assume an awful lot about my lifestyle.

Last week I read your opinion piece on the Sydney Morning Herald website, along with the comments it generated. I must admit, I originally felt a lot of the ire that was expressed there, but I realise it’s not fair or productive to respond with scorn or sarcasm – that would only serve to distance our positions further, and one of the chief goals of the arts is, in my…

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Soml ch 2.


              Dollywood was great.

NFL pre-preseason picks

Here are my pre-preseason picks for the NFL 2.11….
NFC East- Eagles
NFC West- Cardinals
NFC North- Packers
NFC South- Saints
AFC East- Patriots
AFC West- Chargers
AFC North- Steelers
AFC South- Colts
Wild Cards– Falcons, Cowboys…Ravens, Chiefs

a quick amendment as the season begins. AFC South—will go to the Texans, per no Manning. “the most important player in the league”


I am sitting in the lobby of the Delaware DMV, which is surprisingly efficient compared to those in Pennsylvania.

Who ‘owns’ your body?

This may seem like a rhetorical question, it may even sound ridiculous, but I implore you to really think about it in terms of liberty and natural rights.
At first glance, you may think that you have complete control of your life, but I disagree. Think about the things that you would like to do, that you are not allowed; whether it be taking drugs, drinking alcohol before you are 21. Then think about the most extreme case of individual liberty, suicide. While I don’t generally condone suicide because I think it is the ultimate white flag, that that person has given up completely, however, in many cultures it is seen in a different light. In our society however, an American does not have the “right” to end his/her own life. This seems to go against the foundational myth most attached to the US; the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”. Unfortunately, this has been taken away by our Federal Gov. But Why? What logic is held by our governing body, and why does the American people go along with it, after all, the government is suppose to be, “by, for, and of the people”. I am not calling for repeal or anything like that.. yet, however, i do ask all of you, (the one or two people who may read this) to consider what liberties you think you should have that you don’t. Or, in a broader sense, consider what purpose the state serves, and if it is acting on its own behalf, to perpetuate the government itself, or if it is acting on behalf of its citizenry.
For me, the two main functions of the state are to promote happiness and secure it. However, there are certain laws, whether constitutional or not, that go far beyond those two simple mandates, and I believe it is up to the American public, or any member of a state that has “unjust” laws, to stand up and make a statement concerning them. We have grown apathetic because of the ideas that we don’t really matter, that the decisions are made for us and we MUST go along, well that isn’t necessarily true. We can make a difference in our lives, if we only stood up and “fought” for what we believe to be right. ie the “right” to pursue happiness… as long as it does not conflict with other’s rights to pursue happiness.

story of my life…in photos ch.1

Delmarva Zoo

isabella and I playing with all “her friends”